About Us


Tejesh BioTech’s adventure began in 2020, with our rich experiences and research we gradually discovered the results that we saw how unique this Vermicompost. We took the opportunity and decided to share this wonderful product with you. After many hours of work preparing for the marketing of this products, it was in 2021 that the packets of our brand was created. Since that day, we have been selling this product in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

We care about the well-being of our clients and we want to contribute to sustainable agriculture. It is toward this perspective that we will continue over the years and we wish to see you be part of this world with us. There is so much to discover

Our Mission

Contribute to the subsistence of human societies by restoring the connection between soils, plants and humanity in the eco-system. Provide people with an organic fertiliser that nourishes the soil, which will supply plants and eventually human society

We Established in 2020

With an understanding : Soil is humanity's most valuable commodity, and history has shown a direct correlation with the survival of our race. If we were to consider how much agricultural land is available to us to grow our foods, we quickly realize that we do not have much of it. Using it wisely and maintaining healthy soils should be our priority.

Our Vision

Through our organic products and our solutions make the soil prosper. In this way, we will offer our children sustainable agricultural solutions that will provide them a healthy diet.


Why Choose Our Company
  • For us "customer comes first." We have always made it an obligation to attend to our customers' needs and build strong relationships with them. Experience it.
  • We are constantly evolving and able to meet the needs of the customers in terms of natural organic products.
  • We offer organic products without additions and of the best possible quality. We offer the best to our customers and to the environment.
  • We are a honest and transparent company that respect our customers, our employees and especially the environment.

word from the Director

We Aspire To Build A Sustainable & Harmonious Environment through the development of bio products for the well-being of new generations. This Company is guided by our core values of integrity, innovation, loyalty, experience, commitment, and generosity. Try Us.

Senthil Prabu Karuppiah

Director of Tejesh BioTech


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